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Russia upgrades Su-25 assault jets - part 2

The overhaul and upgrade of Su-25 assault jets accomplished by the enterprises of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) extend their life cycle and provide new modern combat capabilities. The combat effectiveness of an upgraded Su-25SM3 increased three times, the UAC said.

Russia upgrades Su 25 assault jets part 2 A Russian Su-25 (Picture source: Aleksandr Markin)

ARZ 121 has a rich experience in cooperation with foreign customers. The enterprise has overhauled and upgraded over 200 aircraft and over a hundred engines for 27 countries. The Vzlet magazine said that besides Russian Su-25, it also overhauled the jets of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The technological and production capacities of the plant are expanded in the course of reconstruction and re-equipment. In particular, the dependence of the enterprise on the delivery of first category units has decreased. The cost of a unit has considerably trimmed and the production cycle accelerated. There is a quick response to a sharp change in production volumes. The production capacity of ARZ 121 will increase to promote capital overhaul and maintenance of the main types of aircraft and upgrade of Su-25 and Su-25SM to Su-25SM3 level.

The Russian Defense Ministry is positive about the upgrade prospects of Su-25 to Su-25SM3 level. In March 2019, it announced a new tender for the work which is to be completed by November 10, 2021.

Besides ARZ-121, ARZ 322 in Vladivostok is also engaged in Su-25 upgrade. It is a leading enterprise in the overhaul of military and civilian airplanes and helicopters in the Far East. ARZ 322 engages modern techniques in the overhaul. The quality management system has been certified for the military and civilian aircraft, including Su-25 and Su-25UB.

ARZ 322 began to overhaul Su-25 in 1998. Today it is a high-tech enterprise engaged in urgent and scheduled maintenance of Su-25. Besides, it tests the equipment of the aircraft and produces rubber goods for them, as well as all types of galvanic work and checks and overhaul of measuring devices.

The enterprise in the Far East plans to develop the production potential, technological modernization, innovations and human resource up to 2025 to provide the required amount of hardware in stipulated time. ARZ 322 plans to overhaul and maintain Su-25SM.

The enterprise determined the guidelines to develop the production base, reconstruct and re-equip the facilities and master the overhaul and maintenance of new types of aircraft, the UAC said.

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