Thales develops GM200 MM Compact (MMR) radar for Netherlands army

Together with operational specialists at the Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA), Thales has developed the Multi Mission Radar (MMR) for artillery, 4D air surveillance, air defense, and security applications. Years of studies and testing led to the signing of a series contract on January 17th, between Thales and Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) for which 9 radar systems will be delivered to the Royal Netherlands Army.

Thales develops GM200 MM Compact MMR radar for Netherlands army
Signing of contracts on January 17th, between Thales and Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) for which 9 radar systems will be delivered to the Royal Netherlands Army.(Picture source: Thales)

The MMR is being marketed internationally as the GM200 MM/Compact, part of the Ground Master 200 family. Thales says that a wide range of operational missions with the MMR are possible, ranging from air surveillance to weapon locating. In a counter battery role, the MMR can distinguish individual tracks in a salvo firing. Additionally, the MMR is a "software defined" system, allowing it to keep pace with changes in missions and threats through software updates.

Thales says this of the MMR, "Every second is critical during a mission. Therefore, extreme fast and flexible radar deployment, for observing all kind of hostile activities and actions, are of vital importance. The MMR, meeting all of today's requirements for modern warfare, will be the new eyes of the Dutch armed forces. The MMR sees and records everything from RAM, UAV/UAS, aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles easily and in real-time. Because of its simplicity and high degree of automation, the MMR is a time saver. From its first introduction during training, at the installation on any type of vehicle as well as during its operational deployment and use. The MMR is deployable and ready for use within a couple of minutes, which makes the MMR system one of the most advanced systems in the market. The MMR is the latest version of the Thales 4D AESA radar family, like the NS100 / NS200 / SM400 / SMART-L MM and it is developed for applications on the ground domain.

"Thanks to the unique collaboration with RNLA, DMO and the industry, this cutting edge solution fits seamlessly with the ideas and wishes of the users. As the name implies, the MMR can be used for multiple missions. By using the most modern technologies, the radar system is very mobile, transportable and fully automatic capable of detecting, tracking and classifying a wide variety of air targets."

Lieutenant General L.J.A. (Leo) Beulen, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Army, said "Due to its unique true multi-mission capability, the MMR will not only set the conditions for winning battles at long range by accurate target acquisition, the MMR will also enhance the RNLA Air Defense capability by addressing the evolving air threat, including Rocket, Artillery and Mortar and Unmanned Air Systems."

"The Netherlands has a leading position in the field of radar development. Therefore, the Nederland Radarland platform was established in 2002. This project is a perfect example of the results of this platform. The unique and long lasting cooperation between the Military experts of the Royal Netherlands Army and Thales has led to an extreme modern multi-mission solution, ready for today's and tomorrow's threats," said Geert van der Molen, VP of Naval at Thales Netherlands.