US to build Aegis Land-based Missile System in Poland by 2018 31102162

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US to build Aegis Land-based Missile System in Poland by 2018
US company AMEC Programs Inc was awarded a $182,753,859 fixed-price-incentive contract with options for the European Phased Adaptive Approach Phase III, Aegis Ashore (land-based missile defense system) to be built in Poland with an estimated completion date of April 9, 2018.
US to build Aegis Land based Missile System in Poland by 2018 640 001Polish troops train on US weapons systems (U.S. Army Europe Images)
Bids were solicited via the Internet with four received. Fiscal 2015 and 2016 military construction; research, development, testing, and evaluation; and other procurement funds in the amount of $173,874,936 were obligated at the time of the award.

The “Phased Adaptive Approach” concerns missile defense in Europe. The new approach is centered on the Aegis missile defense system and is being deployed in three main phases from 2011 to 2018.

The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System (Aegis BMD or ABMD)[1] is a United States Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency program developed to provide missile defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles. It is part of the United States national missile defense strategy.