Plasan from Israel presents Sandcat Stormer protected vehicle at ExpoDefensa 2017

The Israeli Company Plasan presents the Stormer, a new member in the SandCat family of 4x4 protected vehicle designed for military and security forces at ExpoDefensa, the International Defense and Security exhibition in Bogota Colombia. The previous version of the Sandcat is already in service with Colombian army and police forces.

Plasan from Israel presents Sandcat Stormer 4x4 protected vehicle at ExpoDefensa 2017 925 001
Israeli-made Plasan Sandcat Stormer 4x4 light protected vehicle at ExpoDefensa 2017, the International Defense and Security exhibition in Bogota, Colombia.

Plasan SandCat Stormer is the lightest tactical armoured vehicle providing such a high protection level. It is designed to serve in various mission profiles requiring a highly manoeuvrable and protected vehicle, such as urban law enforcement, peacekeeping, homeland security and border patrol.

The SandCat Stormer offers unique optimization between protection, payload, and cost by using composite materials to defeat threats once only encountered in war zones but now seen in attacks on city streets. This includes B6/B7 protection + AK47 7.62×39 AP + Dragunov 7.62×54 AP, a floor protected against two DM51 hand grenades, and more.

The SandCat Stormer has a low cost of ownership by using a reliable commercial Ford F550 Super Duty chassis with a powerful engine and four-wheel-drive and staying safely within the Ford certified GVW.

The armoured cabin comfortably accommodates up to 10 passengers with great attention to the design and ergonomics to allow the team to fulfil their missions safely.

The roof of the Sandcat Stormer is fitted with a single hatch which can be fitted with small turret armed with one 7.62 or 12.7mm machine gun. The vehicle can be also equipped with a remotely operated weapon station armed with the same type of armament.