Desert Tech presents its DT SRS-A1 sniper rifle during Expodefensa 2015 40112151

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Desert Tech presents its DT SRS-A1 sniper rifle during Expodefensa 2015
Desert Tech's SRS A1 Rifle exhibited at Expodefensa 2015 The Stealth Recon Scout A1 (SRS-A1) is the most versatile Sniper Rifle system in the world. It is nearly a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles, maintains 1/2 MOA or better accuracy with DTM Ammunition, and can be easily adapted to individual mission requirements by changing the weapon’s caliber and length.
Desert Tech presents its DT SRS A1 sniper rifle during Expodefensa 2015 640 001Desert Tech DT SRS-A1 rifle

The SRS-A1 was designed around the core components of accuracy with aircraft grade materials to minimize size and weight. The A1 design has been refined with enhancements in reliability and durability with its improved firing and extraction mechanisms. It also utilizes new technology polymer that increases strength more than 150% or the same weight.

The SRS-A1 maintains 1/2 MOA accuracy or better because it incorporates match grade (free-floated) barrels, chambers and crowns, a match trigger, and a solid return-to-zero barrel mounting system.

The rifle is the shortest sniper rifle in the world. With its telescoping bolt and bullpup configuration it is almost a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles.

It is also the most versatile sniper system in the world. With the ability to quickly switch between seven diffrent calibers, operators can change rifle lenght, penetration, and distance capabilities based on mission requirements.

This rife wins shooting competitions on a regular basis because of its superior weight distribution of 50/50 and can be shot offhand without the nose dive and muscle support of a heavy barreled conventional rifle, where most of the weight is hanging off the front end.