Skylock cutting-edge anti-drone system disclosed at Eurosatory 2018

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, bringing with it a raft of beneficial applications, whilst also creating the potential for a number of new and evolving threats to governments, homeland security, infrastructure and public safety. SKYLOCK has today launched its cutting-edge anti-drone system, which provides effective solutions against these threats.

Slylock anti drone Eurosatory 2018
Skylock new anti-drone system at Eurosatory 2018

Combining industry knowledge with advanced proprietary technologies, SKYLOCK has developed a customisable anti-drone system that can be tailored for both civilian and military applications. Using SKYLOCK's system, operators will be able to rapidly monitor, respond to and prevent threats to critical infrastructures (such as power plants), prisons, or areas of importance that require wide security coverage such as borders, airports and stadiums.

The units are completely mobile so can be deployed rapidly anywhere in the field and, thanks to their modular design, can fit any platform, both fixed and mobile.

The SKYLOCK 3 in 1 system offers:

- 360 ° rotating radar coverage capable of detecting up to 200 targets simultaneously;
- An electro-optical system for observation, detection, recognition and identification of drones up to 2.5km in both day and night time conditions;
- A Radio Frequency (RF) jammer comprising several jamming antennas – used to jam the frequency range of the RC and video links;
- Finally, unique only to SKYLOCK, in military applications, the system can be fitted with a laser burner enabling the operator to destroy a drone at a range of up to 800m.

Commenting on the launch Tomer Avnon, CEO and Founder of Avnon Group said:

"We are extremely proud of the product that we have created and are delighted to be launching it here today. After extensive research and rigorous testing, we have developed a unique product set in the market, catering to the needs of customers operating in multiple sectors worldwide.

"We are confident in the effectiveness of this system and the bespoke service we offer clients, both military and civilian, from overseeing all project planning from design, installation and ongoing maintenance of the system.

"As the threats of drones evolve, SKYLOCK will continue to focus on developing our technologies and methods to thwart drone attacks and help keep the people safe."