SIMED, a French innovation to speed up medical care in operation unveiled at Eurosatory 2018

When a soldier is injured, every minute counts. On a military theater, to the challenge of time, are added the logistical challenge and the constraints of communication. To speed up medical care in an operational environment, health teams will soon have the SIRMED Medical Regulatory Information System. It is developed by the group Sopra Steria and Ineo Defense under the guidance of the French Defence Procurement Agency (Direction générale de l’armement - DGA) for the benefit of the French Armed Forces Health Service (SSA- Service de santé des armées).

SIRMED Eurosatory
SIMED, a French innovation to speed up medical care in operationnal environment (Picture source Army Recognition)

This system is part of the ISSAN (Health Structure Information) program, which aims to improve the medical support of forces projected abroad, notably through the digitization of the health chain.

For the management of an injured person, the system will allow "front line" care teams to create the soldier's medical chart on a touch pad and indicate which first aid was provided. These elements will be instantly transmitted to the regulator who will then have all the information to guide the injured person to the most appropriate medical facility available to his state of health. For its part, the host facility will have the opportunity to have the precise knowledge of the state of the injured person well before his arrival in order to prepare the necessary devices to take care of him. Even the evacuation solution can be decided more quickly thanks to a mapping that will locate the available evacuation vectors (helicopters, medical vehicles ...).

By providing faster and more secure access to medical information through real-time information sharing, SIRMED will increase efficiency at all levels of the healthcare chain. The system will be able to use several types of networks to guarantee the continuity of the service.