OIP Sensor Systems discloses new Sentinel Observation system at Eurosatory 2018

OIP Sensor Systems from Oudenaarde, Belgium, launches SENTINEL, a 360° real-time day & night situational awareness system to be integrated in armoured fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

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(Source : OIP Sensor Systems)

SENTINEL is demonstrated on a modernized AIFV / M113 IFV vehicle on the joint SABIEX/OIP booth in Hall 6, Booth N° F287 at Eurosatory 2018.

SENTINEL typically consists of 6 camera units per vehicle and an optional driver’s unit and advanced imagery displays providing the crew inside the vehicle with a panoramic view of the battlefield, under closed hatches, without compromising safety.

SENTINEL features a highly intuitive user interface and low silhouette installation.

The 6 cameras are on a dynamically managed Ethernet network. Each user can select its preferred streams independently.

A motion detection feature triggers a video and an audio alert which can be turned on/off. The moving objects are indicated on the video stream.

Thanks to the modular feature of the cameras, the field of view can be tailored to the specific dead zone requirements and the placement on the vehicle.