IVECO displays its High Mobility 8x8 at Eurosatory 2018

Iveco Defence Vehicles' High Mobility range of trucks is designed to offer the protection and mobility for demanding specialist military logistic applications. With an unprepared fording capability of 850mm, Iveco Defence Vehicle's High Mobility Range, in addition to offering exceptional mobility, provides tactical support to military operations in the most hostile environmental conditions, from -32°C to +49°C. This product range can be readily customised to match specific user needs thanks to its modular desgin, which encompasses both the cab and the driveline.

Iveco 8x8 truck 001
High Mobility 8x8 with protected cab (Picture source Army Recognition)

The vehicle on display, the High Mobility 8x8 with protected cab, is part of the Porteur Polyvalent Terrestre (PPT) Programme, launched in 2010 to provide the French land forces with a fleet of modern logistic vehicles, awarded to Iveco Defence Vehicles and its partner Soframe, a subsidiary of the Alsatian Lohr Group.

The PPT range inclues two models : a logistics vehicle (Porteur polyvalent logistiqur - PPLOG) - and a recovery vehicle (Porteur Polyvalent lourd de dépannage - PPLD). Both share the same chassis with four axle eight wheel drive (8x8), ensuring on and off road mobility in all climates. The logistics vehicle features an independent hook-lift body for load-handling operations, with a playload up to 19 tonnes, while the recovery vehicle, on display at Eurosatory with protected cab, is supplied with a crane for recovering military vehicles.


The PPT cab offers high level crew comfort and is designed to accommodate a variety of modern milutary communication and command systems. Of the 900 PPT units delivered to date, 50 have been armoured recovery vehicles PPLD, 700 non-armoured logistic cabs with ballistic and mine blast protection. The PPT range has already been extensively put into operation, offering maximum crew protection with excellent flexbility and carrying capacity. 


What about its success ? 8x8 High Mobility trucks have been in service with the Italian Army for several years. Recent sales include a contract signed with the Spanish Army in May 2015 for the supplu of over 700 units - including 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles - which will be delivred in different configurations, equipped with various types of demountable hook-lift body work, cranes for the recovery of military vehicles, fuel tankers and load handling systems.

At the end of 2016, Iveco Defence Vehicles was awarded a frame contract with the Romanian Army to supply 56 6x6 and 8x8 High Mobility trucks in tractor, trans-container and recovery from. In December 2017, the compagny signed a contract with the Romanian Ministry of National Defence for the delivery of 173 military logistic vehicles, to be completed within 2018.