Eurosatory 2018: URO showcases a new concept vehicle

Stelios Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst

Navantia of Spain is showcasing at Eurosatory 2018the VAMTAC Hybrid, a new concept vehicle based on its already proven VAMTAC design. The vehicle is currently under development in cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Defence, URO and INSIA (The University Insitute of Automobile Research, of the University of Madrid). 

URO showcases a new concept vehicle 
The new URO VAMTAC Hybrid showcased at Eurosatory 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)

The vehicle has gone from a concept phase into the development of the first prototype, presented a few months ago, which will be tested at least for the next of the year.

One of the areas the development team needs to address is the size of the batteries, which currently take a lot of space at the back of the vehicle. The batteries are charged through a generator integrated in the diesel engine compartment and then provide electric power to the transmission system, as well as the various electrical ports that power the electronic systems.

Hybrid technology has been in the market for a while offering great advantages in terms of signature management – thermal or sound – making the vehicles hard to detect. Moreover, with the increased requirements for electric power, to run or charge radios, electro-optical systems, displays and computers, hybrid technology allows users to power their equipment.

Another advantage is the immediate “reaction” the driver sees when in need to accelerate the vehicle. With a 160kW and 300 horse power engine, the acceleration is immediate.