Eurosatory 2018: Revision presents the ComCentr2 tactical headset system

Stelios Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst

Revision is showcasing at Eurosatory 2018 the ComCentr2, a digital tactical headset system that was developed as an answer to a market opportunity.

Revision presents the ComCentr2 tactical headset system 
ComCentr2 tactical headset system offers active noise reduction and 360o situationa awareness (Picture source Army Recognition)

The product complements the rest of Revision’s solutions, as it can be worn with its helmets, eye protection systems and power sources.

ComCentr2 is designed for the dismoutnted close combat user, who is exposed to peak or steady-state noises. The user can wear it inside a helicopter, armoured vehicle or in the noisy combat environment and digitally cancel the noise while retaining 360 degrees situational awareness. The latter is provided through the microphones on the headset.

The tactical headset can be upgraded or customized through software. It comes with a human interface device and dongle system for use in multi-channel environments. The dongle allows the user to connect it with legacy or modern connections or intercoms.