Eurosatory 2018: Plasan Unveils the new Sandcat M-LPV

At Eurosatory 2018, the defense exhibition currently held in Paris, Israeli company Plasan unveiled the latest addition to its range of Sandcat vehicles: The Sandcat M-LPV (Mine-resistant Light Patrol Vehicle).

Plasan Sandcat M-LPV
Plasan Sandcat M-LPV at Eurosatory 2018

The first new vehicle based on Plasan's 4th generation SandCat architecture. Built around the same rugged Ford components, the M-LPV is the first SandCat engineered as a fully structural monocoque, doing away with a ladder-frame chassis. The new chassisless design allows it to achieve a higher level of underbody mine protection without paying the usual price in weight and height. The M-LPV maintains the SandCat's compact dimensions, easy access 5-door design, and sub-10t GVW while adding Stanag 2a/2b mine protection for all 8 occupants.

Peripheral protection is modular and can be configured between Stanag 2 and Stanag 3 (or equivalent) subject to payload requirements. Six firing ports permit the crew to fire their weapons from the safety of the protected cabin and the interior is designed to accommodate many different communications systems and other equipment. Two-zone air-conditioning is standard and options include independent heater, NBC filtration, Fire-Suppression Systems, situational awareness systems and either manual or remote-controlled roof-mounted weapons.