Eurosatory 2018: OIP presents its new EOPTRIS 360

Belgium’s OIP Sensor Systems showcases its new version of the EOPTRIS 360 multi-purpose electro-optical system, at the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition. A multi-purpose stabilized sight offering observation and surveillance capabilities.

Eurosatory 2018 OIP presents its new EOPTRIS 360 
The new EOPTRIS 360 on an upgraded M113 IFV by Sabiex International. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The system is designed for use on main battle tanks and armoured fighting vehicles, and naval platforms as well. Therefore it is compact, gyro stabilized robust and with an open architecture, so that it can be integrated on any type of those platforms.

EOPTRIS 360 features an uncooled or cooled thermal imager, depending on the customer, a colour CCD day camera and a laser designator, allowing fire on the move. These parts could be of different manufacturers, depending on a client’s requirements. 

The sight also offers target-tracking capabilities with compass and GPS implementation, observation scanning and many other functions, in 360 degrees.

At the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition, the sight is placed on an M113 APC turned into an IFV, by Sabiex International, with the addition of two Remote Weapon Stations and additional armour.