Eurosatory 2018: Navantia presents the VAMTAC VVT vehicle

by Stelios Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst

Navantia presented the VVT (Vehículo de Vigilancia Terrestre) version of the VAMTAC 4x4 vehicle for the needs of the Intelligence Units of the Spanish Army.

Navantia presents the VAMTAC VVT vehicle 002 
The Navantia VVT intelligence vehicle developed for the Spanish Army (Picture source Army Recognition)

The platform is equipped with a retractable mast featuring all the sensors that are necessary for the Army to collect battlefield information. 

More specifically, it features a FLIR Ranger R20S radar, a thermal camera made by Tecnobit, a daylight camera by OIB, a laser rangefinder by Hensoldt.

The VVT is different from the VERT version of the vehicle, as it doesn’t feature a remote weapon station. The VERT is only in use with the reconnaissance units of the Spanish Army, which is planning to procure up to 36 units in total.

Army Recognition has found that four VVT units have been delivered this year.

Navantia has developed both vehicles based on its experience from the Artillery Forward Observers’ version of the Pizzaro vehicle. As the programme was canceled, the know-how was transferred to the Piranha 5 8x8 platforms. The latter ones are equipped with a remote weapon station from Elbit, with a high-definition thermal camera and a high-definition daylight camera from Tecnobit and OIB respectively. They also feature a laser rangefinder and designator.

The FOB Piranha 5 are in the prototype phase. The Spanish Army is expected to buy 18 units around 2020. The platform is being offered for the programmes of Egypt and UAE.