Eurosatory 2018: FN Herstal deFNder RWS now coupled with Antares optronic system

For the first time in its history, FN Herstal is displaying its deFNder® Medium Remote Weapon Station (RWS) together with the ANTARES optronic system at the international EUROSATORY exhibition, being held in Paris, France, from June 11 -15, 2018.

FN Herstal Antares Eurosatory 2018
FN Herstal deFNder RWS fitted with Thales Antares optronic system at Eurosatory 2018

The ANTARES, designed and developed by Thales, is an innovative, multifunction optronic system composed of a single, suprahemispheric, high-resolution sensor and a calculator. It provides 360-degree local situational awareness as well as mobile targets and laser warning detection capabilities.

The deFNder® Medium equipped with ANTARES is now available with additional, significant benefits, including real-time perimeter surveillance all the more important given its location on a platform high point and its minimal parallax in rotation. Additionally, the deFNder® Medium features a new rally-to-threat mode on threats detected by ANTARES. Lastly, this is a fully autonomous solution, simplifying the integration for OEMs.

The deFNder® Medium on display at the FN Herstal booth at EUROSATORY feature both the .50 cal FN® M3R machine gun, capable of firing 1,100 RPM, and smoke grenade launchers, therefore demonstrating combined offensive and defensive capabilities. The RWS is integrated onto the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Milrem Robotics.

In addition to its RWS range of products, FN Herstal has its full range of solutions on display, including small caliber firearms and ammunition, less lethal systems, FN® e-novation solutions and further integrated weapon systems for airborne, land and sea applications.