Eurosatory 2018: Excalibur Army new brand logo launch and defense product

Czech Company EXCALIBUR ARMY will attend the upcoming EUROSATORY 2018 defense and security exhibition that will take place in Paris (France) from the 11 to 15 June 2018. Excalibur Army will also introduce its new brand logo to the invited media and business partners on the first day of the exhibition - Monday June 11th at 16.30 hours at K600 booth in hall 5A.

Eurosatory 2018 Excalibur army new brand logo launch and defense products 925 001
Come to visit Excalibur Army at Eurosatory 2018 defense exhibition in Paris Hall 5A Booth K600

Come to see new products of Excalibur Army at Eurosatory 2018 Hall 5A booth K600, as the T815 PATRIOT tactical armoured personnel carrier, the BM-21 MT MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System and quadcopter ROC DRONE.

The T815 Patriot armoured tactical vehicle featuring high maneuverability is intended for deployment with Rapid Reaction Forces to carry out reconnaissance and patrol duties, especially during asymetric missions, and further serving as a carrier platform for light motorized units.

The BM-21 MT is a mobile platform for the 40-round high explosive fragmentation artillery system providing concentrated fire support to the troops over large target areas covering ranges depending on the type of used shell. It is an upgraded variant of the Russian BM-21 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System.

The ROC drone manufactured in Czech Republic by EXCALIBUR ARMY is a new unique solution for modern warfare or civilian use. The tethered version allows unlimited flight time and full autonomy while range of supplementary equipment brings very high modularity.