Eurosatory 2018: DOK-ING unveils the MV-2 Honey Badger UGV

Stelios Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst

Croatian DOK-ING company, a world-leading company in unmanned mine-clearing vehicles, is showcasing the MV-2 Honey Badger at Eurosatory 2018. 

DOK ING unveils the MV 2 Honey Badger system 
The DOK-ING MV-2 is the lightest system in the company's portofolio (Picture source Army Recognition)

The development of the system is an answer to the requirement by the Colombian government. As a result of the peace agreement with FARC, the security forces have been called to clear the jungle installations used by the guerillas, which had been mined. Considering that most of them were on mountain areas, were the only transportation mean available are the Mi-8 helicopters, a light vehicle was the only option.

The MV-2 is the lightest addition to its portfolio of systems with a weight of 2 tons. It has a driving speed of 8 km/h and a demining capacity of 750-1500 sq.m./h

The system offers great flexibility. Except from the reduced weight, the change of the mission-specific tools change can be carried out by one person in five minutes.

Army Recognition has found out that next year the vehicle will be offered with an EOD set of equipment.