Eurosatory 2018: Arquus presents VAB MK3 next generation of 6x6 armored

At Eurosatory 2018, Defense and Security exhibition in Paris (Frabce), the French Company Arquus presents the next generation of wheeled armored vehicle in the VAB family, the VAB Mk3 especially designed for the export military market. Designer, manufacturer and maintenance services provider for the world-famous VAB, Arquus brings 40 years of battle experience to serve a unique product, the VAB Mk3.

Eurosatory 2018 Arquus presents VAB MK3 next generation of 6x6 armored 925 001
Arquus VAB Mk3 6x6 armored vehicle at Eurosatory 2018, Defense and Security Exhibition in Paris, France (Picture source Army Recognition)

The VAB (In French: Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé) Mk3 is a new 6×6 medium wheeled armoured vehicle developed by Arquus, provides armed forces with high-level protection and multi-mission capabilities.

The VAB Mk3 armoured vehicle features modular design and monocoque hull structure. It has low lifecycle costs and is air-transportable internally by military transport aircraft as the A400M or C-130 Hercules.

The VAB Mk3 has a crew of two, seated at the front of the vehicle. The APC variant can accommodate up to ten personnel in the troop compartment at the rear of the vehicle, whereas the ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle) version can transport up to seven infantrymen.

The crew compartment is equipped with two side doors and large bulletproof windows. The troop compartment has two rear doors for entry and egress of the personnel, while the rear section can be optionally fitted with a hydraulic ramp. A roof hatch provides emergency exit for the troops.

The armoured personnel carrier of the VAB Mk2 can be fitted with different types of small turret or remotely operated weapon station that can be armed with machine gun up to 12.7mm machine gun or automatic cannon of 20mm.

The VAB Mk3 is powered by a Renault six-cylinder MD7 engine, which generates a maximum power of 340hp and a maximum torque of 1,600nm at 1,300rpm. It is coupled to an automatic gearbox that features six forward gears and one reverse gear.