Eurosatory 2018: Airbus presents the holographic tactical sandbox

Airbus presents at Eurosatory 2018 a new cutting edge technology that it has developed for the operations planning preparation phase, involving remote personnel.

Airbus presents the holographic tactical sandbox
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The Holographic Tactical Sandbox is the only digital, colour, 3D system that allows a force to prepare its plan before an operation. The system uses Microsoft’s HoloLenses combined with the Airbus software.

The user wears the HoloLens goggles and through them sees a 3D colour map of the area of operations. Information is depicted the same way it is in a typical military sandbox. However, those taking part in the briefing can san the whole plan evolving in full motion, as the military symbols used for the various units can move, showing the different parts of the operation.

The system can be connected on a network, allowing a remote command post to take part in the briefing of a frontline unit and authorize or alter it.

Army Recognition has found out that the system will remain under testing with the French Army until the end of the year and after that there could come a contract from the service.