EURENCO unveils key innovations to prepare for future challenges at EUROSATORY 2018

From June 11th to 15th, EURENCO (Hall 6 – F81) showcases 3 key innovations for future products and processes at EUROSATORY 2018. As part of its strategy to face future challenges, EURENCO is looking for long-term solutions and is actually working on technologies for the next decade: customized 3D-printing solutions.

eurenco print
Eurenco's 3D Printer (Picture source Army Recognition)

Using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and 3D Solvent Cast based on EURENCO’s know-how in Nitrofilm technology, this new 3D-printing technology will allow rapid prototyping and small series capacity for energetic materials. It will also enable enhanced or moderated performances for our products (new designs, combustion rate, temperature behavior, recycling, etc.).

This new fabrication processes could be used for the production of propellants, combustible items, and in the long term, even explosives. On the explosives side, EURENCO is also working on new explosive solutions and high performance energetics that will lead to the development of Future Ammunition and Bombs, lighter but stronger.

These new solutions main advantages includes enhanced performances, lighter logistical footprint, and smaller & lighter ammunition designs. It could also enable new transportation vector (Drones, etc.) and in the end, new defense capabilities for Armed forces.

Finally, EURENCO also presents its green propellant technologies on its booth. Today, oursmall caliber propellants are REACh - compliant, but we want to go even beyond REACh towards “green” propellants. Stabilizers, used today in small caliber propellants, produce toxic by-products throughout their life cycle. In order to produce safer products, our R&D department has identified 6 “green equivalents” to these stabilizers: from curcumin to alpha-ionone (derivated from violette). These “green” stabilizers are more environmental-friendly and will reduce exposure to harmful substances for workers and users. They also represent better performances as well as improved chemical and ballistic stabilities. 

As the European Leader of Energetic Materials, EURENCO has a duty to work on new technologies to support its customers and more globally the Armed Forces in their future challenges.