BMC presents two new vehicles at Eurosatory 2016

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Eurosatory 2016
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13 - 17 June 2016
BMC at Eurosatory 2016
BMC presents two new vehicles at Eurosatory 2016
Turkish company BMC showcased two new vehicles at Eurosatory 2016, the Vuran (4x4) Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle (MPAV) and the Kirpi (4x4) Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) in the ambulance configuration.
BMC Vehicles 640 002
The BMC Vuran MPAV at Eurosatory (Photo Army Recognition)
BMC-Vuran (4X4) Multi Purpose Armored Vehicle (MPAV) has been developed for multi role purpose such as patrolling, surveillance, weapon carrying and security. Vuran has been produced to meet requirement of Turkish Police against a contract signed with General Directorate of Security underMinistry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Turkey.

The Vuran MPAV has high level of protection against mine and ballistic attacks and equipped with remote controlled automatic weapon station, automatic fire suppression system, air condition and run-flat tire system. Owing to its powerful engine, automatic transmission and independent suspension system with its compact dimensions it has high mobility. It can carry up to 9 personnel including driver.
BMC Vehicles 640 001BMC KIRPI Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicle in ambulance configuration at Eurosatory 2016 (Photo Army Recognition)
BMC KIRPI Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicle has been developed recently and its protection level approved throughout comprehensive mine and ballistic tests by international accredited test laboratories.

The vehicle is in use by Turkish Armed Forces and a North African Country’s Armed Forces against terrorism and attackted by terrorists with explosives many times; hence it is combat proven, and can carry the troops safely. It was delivered to Turkish Army more than 600 units. The vehicle has a monocoque body with V-Shape underbelly, suspended seats with 5-point safety belt and it has been equipped with Air Conditioning System, Ventilation System, Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System for driver and engine compartments, CTIS, Run-Flat Tires, Firing Ports, Cold Start System, Independent Cabin Heater, optionally Automatic Remote Controlled Weapon Station. The vehicle is powered by 350 PS water cooled engine coupled with fully automatic transmission.

It has 6x6 variant as well. The vehicle can be used as troop transporter, fighting vehicle, ambulance, command and control vehicle, i.e. in all environments where lives need protection.