BAE Systems launches their next generation of small arms ammunition at Eurosatory 20168441506161

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13 - 17 June 2016
at Eurosatory 2016
BAE Systems launches their next generation of small arms ammunition at Eurosatory 2016
The next generation of ammunition (shown at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris, France) significantly increases the ability to defeat protected targets, such as lightly protected vehicles and aircraft, at increased ranges compared with standard NATO rounds.

 5.56mm AmmunitionBAE Systems Next Generation, 5.56mm Enhanced Performance Ammunition

 7.62mm Ammunition-2
BAE Systems Next Generation, 7.62mm High Performance Ammunition 
The improved 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds are manufactured at the dedicated Small Arms Ammunition manufacturing facility at Radway Green in the United Kingdom. It has recently undergone a £83million upgrade, with some of the most advanced ammunition production machines in the world. This provides the flexibility to develop and quantify new ammunition, while allowing for full scale production of high quality ammunition.

Both 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds have been developed to increase range and armour penetration whilst remaining fully NATO compliant. Also, they are developing lighter-weight and entirely lead free rounds.

The 5.56mm Enhanced Performance (EP Ball) round contains a 4g/62gr steel core, an improvement over the 4g/62gr steel tip and lead core previously used. The 7.62mm High Performance (HP Ball) round now has a 10g/155gr hardened steel tip and lead core to replace the 9.3g/144gr full lead core.