Wyssen Defence reveals new 9mm carbines and silencers

The Swiss manufacturer is already a supplier of some police units – namely the police of Lausanne – with its standard WD-9 9x19mm carbine, a weapon that combines own parts with H&K ones. At Enforce TAC, the company reveals two new 9mm carbines and silencers.

Wyssen Defence reveals new 9mm carbines and silencers
Wyssen Defence revealed two new 9mm carbines at Enforce TAC 2018

(Picture source: Army Recognition)

The company is proud of its personally-designed automatic weapons mainly designed for police forces, hence the 9mm caliber selected. As there appears to be a market in Switzerland for other carbines in 9mm caliber, Wyssen Defence has designed two weapons in this range, and has revealed them at Enforce TAC: the WD9-SD and WD9 IPSC, both able to receive a silencer from H&K. The magazine/loader has been modified from the H&K model by shifting from steel to a transparent material. The number of rounds contained in the magazine varies according to its size, ranging from 10 to 100.

The silencers are a new range of products revealed at Enforce TAC. The choice between aluminum and steel depends on the weapon and use. The light weight of the silencers destined to pistols is surprising and, hence, doesn’t modify the balance of the pistol, a major advantage in quick-firing for shooters accustomed to the balance of their weapon without silencer.