Quick modifications of German G3 by Swedish Ordnance

At Enforce TAC, many exhibitors demonstrated ingenuity in accessories for various weapons, ingenuity associated to a preoccupation for low-cost. For instance, Swedish Ordnance revealed accessories to upgrade an old German G3 assault rifle into a gunman weapon.

Quick modification of German G3 assault rifle by Swedish Ordnance
German G3 assault rifle equipped with bayonet holder, torch light, flash hider, bipod and ST1502 buttstock (Picture source: Army Recognition)

In a minute or so, the exiting part at the end of the gas cylinder is replaced with a bayonet holder combined to either a small torch light or laser designator, and a bipod. The G3 (or Swedish AK4) buttstock is also replaced by a more ergonomic adjustable one, designated ST1502. It doesn’t require any adjustment. One just needs to unscrew the standard plastic stock and mount the ST1502 using the original three screws and lock rings. It’s so easy that this operation can be performed at the army unit armory (or workshop).

Needless to say that other accessories can be quickly and easily mounted on the rifle, be it telescopic sight, improved flash hider, night vision device,...

This kind of accessories should draw various customers' interest, whose armies are still equipped with German G3 rifles, the Myanmar one (Thatmadaw), for instance. And, of course, Swedish Ordnance can duplicate its know-how to other weapons upon request.