Dropster: a Swiss trap for drones

At Enforce TAC 2018, the Swiss company is showcasing its unique counter-drone system, a light pistol that shoots a wide net up to 50 meters. Its efficient, it’s light, it isn’t so noisy and, last but least, it’s somewhat “low cost”.

 Dropster a Swiss trap for drones

The dropster, a "low cost" but efficient, quick and low-noise drone trap (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Droptec’s pistol – called Dropster – uses gas pressure to shoot off a cut-resistant net onto civilian-like drones, not highly sophisticated military drones operating at medium or high altitude. At contact, the net entangles itself with the rotors of the drone and instantly blocks its thrust. The drone consequently falls on the ground.

The non-lethal pistol is quickly ready to fire. The range of this system is guaranteed up to 30 meters but can reach 50 meters. The noise emission is inferior to 90 db. The Dyneema-net is cut-resistant: the drone’s propeller won’t be able to cut it and fly any further. The red dot sight is parallax-free.

The manufacturer aims at various potential customers: prisons, military facilities, airports, industrial facilities, power plants, etc. In fact, any potential or actual targets for illegal “players”, terrorists, etc. The Dropster System has already been used from various police corps in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.