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KADDB showcased Snake Head hybrid cupola at DSEi 2015
King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) has showcased for the first time at DSEi 2015 its latest development project in the field of manned weapon stations for armoured vehicles. The Snake Head cupola is a unique approach given the 13 bullet-proof window blocks on the structure. It gives the user an unparalleled 360o field of view of the surrounding area, when compared to other similar cupolas found in many vehicles worldwide.
KADDB showcased Snake Head hybrid cupola at DSEi 2015 1
KADDB Snake Head cupola at DSEi 2015

According to Mr Ahmad Sallakh, CEO of KADDB, Snake Head can rotate with the use of a hybrid motorized system. However, in case of power loss, the operator can switch to manual operation. The cupola was showcased with an M2 0.50cal. heavy machine gun, commonly found on many light armoured vehicles. It could, however, be fitted with light machine guns. KADDB’s goal is to start exporting it in foreign markets and integrate it in a wide variety of vehicles.

Among the products showcased, ahead of the SOFEX 2016 exhibition, was the model of an 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle. It will be offered in many variants, such as APC, IFV and tank killer with a 105mm gun.

King Abdullad II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) was established in 1999 as an independent government institution within the Jordanian Armed Forces. The aim was to develop a defence industrial base for the country’s armed and security forces. Once a product is developed it is directed to KIG (KADDB Investment Group), which takes it over to the production line.

KADDB is organized into smaller clusters. These are the automotive, optics, ammunition, smart systems (responsible for the designing of UGV, UAV, robots, fire control and missile launchers) and troops (designing personal protection equipment and boots) cluster. The Bureau has shown a remarkable development throughout the years. It has expanded its portfolio significantly through an in-house development and international co-operations.

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