DSEi 2015: Rafael showcased the SPARC missile launcher 42809151

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DSEi 2015: Rafael showcased the SPARC missile launcher
Rafael Defense showcased a new launcher version of the Spike NLOS missiles during the DSEi 2015 exhibition in London. The SPARC launcher is a remote-controlled, towed launcher that has four ready-to-fire missiles and can rotate at 360o.
DSEi 2015 Rafael showcased the SPARC missile launcher
Source: Rafael Defense

The four-canister launcher has been integrated on a trailer that can be towed from light vehicles. It is the same launcher that had been procured by South Korea but in that case it will be integrated on a Ford 550 4x4 vehicle.

The system is manned by a team of two, which can operate it from a distance of 500 metres through an optic fibre. The operators can receive telemetry data along with a real-time image from the missile’s seeker, given its non-line-of-sight capability. Spike NLOS can hit targets at distances up to 25 km.

The fact that the launcher is integrated on a trailer allows the user to move it in different locations and enhance a potential target’s defensive capability. Thus it would be ideal for large bases, forward operating bases or strategic targets.