Truvelo manufacturers showcases long range rifles at DSA 2018

AT DSA 2018, Truvelo Manufacturers, a South-African company, exhibits its long-range rifle solution.

truvelo long range rifles south africa dsa 925 001
Front: 12,7x99mm, Middle: 20x42mm and top: .338 Lapua

Truvelo Manufacturers Ltd was founded in 1966 and opened its Armoury Division in 1994. The unique manufacturing process results in the development of a combination of a Truvelo barrel range and sophisticated precision rifle technology. The proud result of this combination is Truvelo's range of highly accurate, long range rifles with calibres ranging from 7,62x51 to 20x110 Hispano. Their weapons are used by militry agencies, law enforcement departments, hunters and gunsmiths. All product are designed, developed and manufactured in-house at their HQ in South Africa.

The Truvelo design team is assited by specialists in the various fields of engineering, this ensures that Truvelo always remain in the forefront by using latest technology. At DSA 2018, they featured 3 of their guns which are the CMS .338 Lapua, the CMS 12,7x99mm and the CMS 20x42mm.