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Defense & Security 2015
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Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition
2 - 5 November 2015
Bangkok, Thailand
Yugoimport at Defense & Security 2015 Thailand
Serbian Company Yugoimport is ready to expand its defense business activities in Asia.
The Serbian State Company Yugoimport is ready to expand its defense business activities in the Asian region with a wide range of military products including artillery systems, ammunitions, combat armoured vehicles , UAVs, missiles and small weapons. At the Defence & Security 2015 international exhibition in Bangkok (Thailand), Yugoimport exhibits its famous mobile artillery systems NORA as well as other products that response to the needs of modern military and security forces.


Yugoimport-SDPR is a Serbian state-owned company with a decades-long tradition in the trade of armaments, defence equipment and transfer of technology.

Yugoimport-SDPR’s core business activity from its incorporation up to this date is foreign trade in armaments and defence equipment, including both import and export of armaments and defence equipment, services in the field of overhaul and upgrade of armaments and defence equipment, personnel education and training and complex cooperation – primarily transfer of defence technologies, capital investment in the field of defence infrastructure, joint development and production etc.

With the latest generation of NORA 155mm truck mounted artillery systems, the Serbian Company Yugoimport offers new technology of mobile artillery with latest technologies and innovations in design and manufacture to create the third generation of NORA, which resulted in multiple savings in time as well as in the increased accuracy. The weapon is modular, which provides for the delivery of a number of different options depending on the user’s choice.

The third generation of NORA artillery system incorporates a number of new technical solutions such as complete armor protection of all sides of the vehicle which is most notable on the outside, and which has changed general outside appearance of the system.

The introduction of ballistic protection has increased the probability of survival of the weapon when exposed to fragmentation effect of ordnance and missiles. Apart from protection against fragmentation effect, the applied solution of ballistic protection also provides resistance against ambush or effects of small calibre arms, as well as certain resistance of vital parts of the weapon against antipersonnel and anti-vehicle mines and improvised explosive devices.

The NORA can be fitted in option with auxiliary power unit (APU) intended for power supply of the all subsystems: elevation and traverse mechanism, automatic loader, firing mechanism, front and rear trails increases autonomous engagement of the weapon.