Partner 2023: Day 3 summary at International Defense Exhibition Belgrade Serbia

The Partner 2023 Defense Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia, continues to be a focal point for the international defense industry, with Day 3 showcasing a plethora of innovations and collaborations. The event has been graced by the presence of numerous international defense companies, each presenting their latest technologies and advancements. A particularly significant moment in the exhibition's history was the participation of the Iranian defense industry for the first time.
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Discover the international defense industry at Partner 2023, which, for the first time, features the participation of the Iranian defense industry. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Chinese defense giant NORINCO took the stage to unveil its comprehensive range of combat vehicles, demonstrating the company's prowess in armored warfare solutions. Not to be outdone, another Chinese company, CPMIEC, showcased a variety of air defense systems. Their display also included an impressive array of cruise and ballistic missiles, highlighting China's advancements in missile technology.

Serbia's own PR-DC made headlines with its cutting-edge solutions for combat drones. These drones are not just for surveillance; they come armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, and mortar bombs, indicating a significant leap in drone warfare capabilities.

A historic moment was marked at the exhibition with the debut of the Iranian defense industry. Their participation in Partner 2023 is the first of its kind, signifying a notable shift in the defense sector dynamics and fostering new avenues for international collaboration.

The spotlight also shone on the new generation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) - Milosh 1 and Milosh 2. These armed UGVs represent the future of ground warfare, combining advanced technology with firepower.

Lastly, the French company Texelis made its mark by supplying crucial components for armored vehicles. They have provided axles and suspension systems for the Lazar 3 8x8 armored vehicles and the Milosh 1/2 4x4 armored vehicles, underscoring their expertise in vehicular defense solutions.

As the Partner 2023 Defense Exhibition progresses, it's evident that the global defense industry is converging in Belgrade to showcase the future of warfare and defense technologies.

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