DSEI 2023: Israeli Company Plasan develops state-of-the-art armor solutions

Israeli defense company, Plasan, renowned for its commitment to soldier safety and security, is set to unveil its latest innovations in survivability at the DSEI 2023 event. Visitors can explore Plasan's exceptional capabilities at Hall 4, Booth 405.
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Israeli Company Plasan presents state-of-the-art armor solutions for land, sea and air combat platforms at DSEI 2023, a defense exhibition in London, UK. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Plasan's reputation as a trusted partner of the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is built on its dedication to saving soldiers' lives and shielding those who stand in defense of nations. Their advanced TRL 9 protection solutions, currently in serial production, are trusted by military forces globally.

A cornerstone of Plasan's success is its early and intimate technical dialogue with OEM customers. This collaboration aims to optimize the armor burden on all tactical vehicles, ensuring that the solutions provide users with optimal combat effectiveness. The company boasts protection levels ranging from STANAG 4569 KE Protection Level 1 through 6 and beyond, as well as underbelly protection levels from 1 through 4 and further. This places Plasan at the forefront of the industry, offering unmatched soldier safety and security.

Recent announcements have further solidified Plasan's position in the defense sector. The company is set to supply armored hulls to AM General for the second phase of the JLTV in the USA. Additionally, Plasan will provide overall protection and survivability solutions for Hanwha’s Redback AS21 IFV as part of the Australian Army LAND 400 Phase 3 Program.

Plasan's engineering team, with its soldier-centric mindset, invites OEM platform and survivability design experts to collaborate on next-generation fighting vehicle concepts. This collaboration aims to optimize protective envelopes for the benefit of end-users, ensuring program success within time and budget constraints.

Furthermore, Plasan is actively contributing to the enhancement of protection for UK soldiers and sailors. Their expertise is evident in projects like the Type 26 frigate and the AJAX armored vehicle family. Innovations such as ATeMM and Wilder further underscore Plasan's commitment to defense. The company's design of the kitted hull-protected cabin of the Husky platform stands as a testament to their dedication to modularity, reparability, and efficient ILS concepts, as proven in vehicle rebuilds post-Afghanistan deployment.

In a statement, a Plasan spokesperson said, "Our mission is to be a significant contributor to your success." Given their track record and ongoing projects, it's clear that Plasan is not just achieving its mission but setting new standards in the defense industry.

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