Rostec protection against high-precision weapons put into service in Russian army

The new aerosol ammunition, developed by TSNIITOCHMASH (part of Rostec), has been adopted by the Russian army. The product is intended for individual protection of equipment from high-precision weapons with laser, optical and thermal guidance systems.
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3VD35 protective ammunition (Picture source: Rostec)

When a threat arises, the 3VD35 protective ammunition is fired in the direction of the enemy's attack and creates a curtain of aerosol interference that "deceives" the enemy's precision ammunition guidance systems.

The main advantage of the ammunition is the ability to protect armored vehicles from high-precision ammunition, including from attacks in the most vulnerable upper hemisphere, which has a thinner armor and, as a rule, is not covered with dynamic or anti-cumulative protection. The development "covers" the equipment both from high-precision aircraft weapons, loitering ammunition, and from third-generation anti-tank missile systems, including Javelin complexes.

Caliber: 76mm. Length: 290 mm. Weight: 1.8 kg. The temperature range for the use of the ammunition is from -50° to +55°.