First female soldiers graduate in Saudi Arabian army

As reported by Sakina Fatima in The Sisat Daily, the first female recruits in Saudi Arabia graduated from the armed forces women’s cadre training center on September 1. The graduation ceremony marked the first time in the kingdom’s history that women begin serving in front-line positions.
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Armed Forces Women’s Cadre Training Center in Riyadh on Sept. 1, 2021. (Picture surce: screenshot from Saudi Ministry of Defense video)

The Saudi ministry of defense released a video clip of the graduation ceremony of the female soldiers after they completed a 14-week military training that began on May 30.

In February 2021, Saudi Arabia opened up military posts for women for the first time which allowed them to report through a unified portal. Saudi women can now rise from soldiers to officers in the Royal Saudi air defense, royal Saudi navy, royal Saudi strategic missile force, and the army’s medical services. Saudi women between the ages of 21 and 40 may apply for these positions.