Airbus to provide twelve Protected Casualty Transport Containers to German Armed Forces

Airbus Defence and Space has signed a contract with the German Armed Forces for the delivery of twelve units of medically equipped containers for the transportation of casualties between different treatment facilities.
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Protected Casualty Transport Container (GVTC) (Picture source: DREHTAINER GmbH)

Thanks to its ballistic protection, the Protected Casualty Transport Container (GVTC) allows to safely transport casualties, wounded and medical personnel between treatment facilities. The GVTC is equipped with high-standard medical instruments (oxygen generation system, ventilators, as well as infusion devices and monitors for monitoring vital parameters) to ensure top quality and continuous medical care during transportation. From two to eight previously stabilized patients, together with two paramedics, can be simultaneously transported.

“We are proud to contribute to improving the German Armed Forces capabilities, by ensuring, thanks to the GVTC, comprehensive medical care and protection of the wounded at all times during critical transport”, said Harald Mannheim, Head of Defence Solutions at Intelligence - Airbus Defence and Space.

Highly mobile and suitable for almost any kind of terrain, GVTC is ideal to support both military and peacekeeping missions. Developed in partnership with DREHTAINER GmbH and BINZ Automotive, with Airbus acting as prime and system integrator, GVTC is a unique solution for the protected transportation of casualties and wounded.