China: NORINCO displays new MRAP APC armored personnel carrier

At an automobile show that took place in the Chinese city of Baotou (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region), the China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC, stands for the NORINCO Group brand) presented what seems to be a new 6x6 armored vehicle of the MRAP type, based on the 6x6, 5-ton FAW MV3 military truck.
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NORINCO MRAP vehicle based on a FAW MV3 chassis (Picture source: Chinese author)

This NORINCO MRAP APC seems designed to transport 10 people. The FAW MV3 on which it is based is the third generation of tactical transportation truck developed by First Automobile Works (FAW). In 2011, FAW MV3 became the standardized military truck used widely by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The utility truck has two variants: 4x4 and more commonly 6x6. The truck also comes with option on single or double cab. It's the Chinese equivalent of U.S. Army M939 and MTVR.

The development of the MV3 won the Army endorsement from a competition in 2011 against three other state-owned military vehicle manufacturing corporations. MV3 was to become the next generation universal transport/cargo truck, replacing Dongfeng EQ240/EQ2081 and Dongfeng EQ245/EQ2100.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
NORINCO MRAP APC and other military vehicles displayed at the Baotou automobile show (Picture source: Chinese author)