Arquus unveils ARMIS 6x6 tactical truck

On Sept. 17, 2020, French armored vehicles manufacturers Arquus organized an « Arquus Day » which was an opportunity to concretely present the vehicles and developments unveiled during the Arquus e-xpo, a virtual exhibition put online during the summer of 2020, in particular the flagship of its brand new logistics and tactical range: the ARMIS 6x6.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Arquus ARMIS 6x6 tactical truck in personnel carrier version (Picture source: Army Recognition) 

Presented for the first time during this Arquus Day, Arquus ARMIS  6x6 is the worthy heir to the logistics and tactical carriers Arquus who serve daily in the armies, from the VLRA to the GBC180. Built on a specifically military base and incorporating time-tested civilian technologies, it offers a very high level of performance, both in transport and in all-terrain mobility. Developed on own funds with the know-how of ARQUUS and the support of the Volvo Group, the ARMIS 6x6 benefits from the experience feedback of current generations of Army carriers.

With its specially raised and hardened chassis, the ARMIS 6x6 is at ease off-road and crossing, even on the most difficult terrain. It is equipped with an 11L engine of 460 hp (euro 5) which allows it to pass ramps at 50%. Close to the EBRC Jaguar's engine, this gives it great agility and allows it to accompany the latest generation of combat vehicles on the battlefield. Its gearbox, fitted with the Ultra Low Crawler option, allows it to stop and restart safely on steep slopes. Brake assist saves the main brakes on steep gradients. Presented in a dynamic demonstration on the Satory test tracks during Arquus Day, the ARMIS 6x6 has demonstrated its very high mobility and discretion. Rustic and enduring, the ARMIS 6x6 is fully adapted to the operational constraints of the armed forces. Mobile and resistant, it is suitable for long deployments, complex missions, difficult environments with reduced maintenance requirements. Versatile, the ARMIS 6x6 is able to fulfill a wide spectrum of logistical and tactical missions for the benefit of the armed forces. Its multifunction platform is able to transport personnel in a secure and ergonomic way, freight, systems or shelters of 10 or 15 feet. Modular, it can support many versions and configurations, ensuring efficiency, ease of use and tactical freedom for the commander in the field. 

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Arquus ARMIS 6x6 tactical truck on a 50% slope. Its gearbox, fitted with the Ultra Low Crawler option, allows it to stop and restart safely on steep slopes (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The ARMIS 6x6 was presented at Arquus Day in an unprotected version. It also has a version with a protected ballistic cabin and mines in accordance with STANAG 4569. Its cabin architecture gives it protection at the highest level (both mines and IEDs as well as ballistic threats) but also protection that can evolve according to the missions. The ARMIS 6x6 has a common cabin with the 8x8 (metal sheet or armored) to facilitate handling and maintenance of vehicles. Evolving over time, the ARMIS 6x6 is able to best adapt to the mission profile and the theater of operations, as well as to the evolving threats encountered over time.

The ARMIS 6x6 is air transportable and compatible with rail transport. The cabin of the ARMIS 6x6 can accommodate up to three seats. It is configured to Army standards, with racks or gun cases, housing for communication systems as well as for haversacks, water packs and other equipment. The cabin is equipped with control screens to provide control of a remotely operated turret and a Battlefield Management System (BMS).

The ARMIS 6x6 can accommodate a variety of weaponry, from manual circular to remotely operated turrets from the Arquus Hornet range, already selected by the Army to equip the new Scorpion program combat vehicles. The ARMIS 6x6 can be integrated into the Scorpion bubble and designed to accommodate the latest generation of communication and information systems. 

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Arquus ARMIS 8x8 logistical carrier fitted with a Hornet Light RWS (Picture source: Army Recognition)