French 1st Foreign Engineer Regiment receives O-NYX Night Vision Goggles

On Monday, October 4, in the continuity of the Law of military programming (LPM), the legionnaires of the 1st Régiment Étranger de Génie (Foreign Engineer Regiment, 1er REG) perceived the new night vision binoculars (JNV) O-NYX, replacing the "Lucies".
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O-NYX night vision goggles (Picture source: French Army)

Designed by Thales, these binoculars benefit from improved resolution and a wider field of view. They allow soldiers to better progress in the dark. In addition to major programs, the modernization of the Army also involves "small equipment" on which the performance and protection of the soldier depend.

The O-NYX night vision binoculars give a distinct advantage in conducting operations in the most adverse night conditions. Its technology focuses on intensifying light with a battery life of over 40 hours. Ultra-compact and very light, the NVG O-NYX increase comfort for prolonged use. Its large field of view of 51 ° (compared to the usual 40 °, + 70% of the area of the observed scene) improves the perception of the environment.

The O-NYX bi-ocular vision binoculars (one image - two eyes) have been delivered to the forces since January 2020, initially for the benefit of infantry units. Deliveries in 2021 allow the units concerned to be expanded to include engineers, cavalry and artillery. Of the 8,500 O-NYX planned for LPM 2019-2025, 4,820 binoculars have already been received and will be partially delivered by March 2022. In addition, an order of approximately 2,000 JVN is expected in December 2021.

The adoption of these O-NYX binoculars is part of a broader desire for new “small equipment” intended for the French forces as part of a 2019-2025 LPM at human height: the 2019-2025 LPM puts the 'emphasis on improving the equipment and protection of our soldiers engaged in theaters of operations.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
O-NYX night vision goggles (Picture source: French Army)


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