IDET 2023: Day 2 summary at International Defense Exhibition Brno Czech Republic

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC - Army Recognition's editorial team continues its coverage of the International Defense Exhibition (IDET) 2023, currently taking place in Brno, Czech Republic. The second day of this prestigious event was marked by live demonstrations of military equipment and the combat readiness of the Czech army and police forces.
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During IDET 2023, a wide range of combat vehicles were displayed during the live demonstration. (Picture source Army Recognition)

One of the most anticipated showcases was from the company CSG. The company revealed the operational capabilities of two notable pieces of military hardware: the DITA 155mm 8x8 self-propelled howitzer and the AM-70 bridge laying system.

The DITA 155mm 8x8 is a self-propelled howitzer, an essential piece of artillery known for its high mobility and formidable firepower. Its demonstration captivated audiences as it showcased its potency and precision in a mock battlefield scenario.

Notably, the AM-70 bridge laying system was another star of the demonstration. As a crucial tool in military strategy and logistics, it enables troops to cross rivers or other obstacles quickly and safely. The audience watched in awe as the bridge laying system was swiftly deployed and retracted during the live demo, a testament to its practicality and efficiency.

The IDET 2023 has been a critical platform for defense companies to show off their latest technologies and for the Czech military and police forces to demonstrate their combat capabilities. With three days of exhibitions and demonstrations, the event continues to be a pivotal global showcase in the defense sector.

The event, which runs from May 24 to May 26, offers extensive insight into the future of defense technology and strategies. Day two of the coverage certainly reinforced IDET's reputation as an essential gathering point for military professionals, defense contractors, and those interested in defense technologies worldwide.