Russian army widens range of targets for Shturm-S SPATGM

The Russian Armed Forces are widening the range of targets for their Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank guided missile (SPATGM) system, according to the Ministry of Defense (MoD).
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The Shturm-S is mounted on the chassis of the MT-LB light armored tracked vehicle manned with a two-man crew (Picture source: Russian MoD)

On March 15, the MoD reported that the servicemen from an artillery brigade of the Western military district were employing their Shturm-S SPATGMs to engage manpower, small-size armored platforms, and hovering helicopters or quadcopter UAVs in an electronically contested environment. The aerial targets were flying at an altitude of up to 1,500 m, said the military. Some 300 servicemen and approximately 80 weapon systems were involved in the exercise, the MoD noted. The Russian military’s Shturm-S SPATGMs typically engage only land-simulated targets in drills.

According to the official catalog of the Shturm-S’ developer, the Machine-Building Design Bureau (KBM, a subsidiary of Rostec’s holding High-Precision Weapons), the 9P149 Shturm-S SPATGM fires 9M114 Shturm (NATO reporting name: AT-6 Spiral) and 9M120 Ataka (AT-9 Spiral-2) anti-tank missiles. A Shturm-S combat vehicle is typically armed with 12 missiles (of which one is ready-use) in an automated load. The system is mounted on the chassis of the MT-LB light armored tracked vehicle.

KBM has also upgraded the Shturm-S SPATGM. The modernized vehicle, which is designated 9P149M Shturm-SM (‘M’ for Modernized, Modernizirivanniy), has received a thermal imager and a radio command channel. The enterprise updates the existing 9P149 combat vehicles to the 9P149M standard. The upgraded SPATGM also fires both 9M114 and 9M120 anti-tank missiles.

The Russian industry continues developing new SPATGMs, with 9M123 Khrizantema-S (NATO reporting name: AT-15 Springer) being the most sophisticated platform of the type. According to KBM, the Khrizantema-S is armed with 9M123 and 9M123F guided missiles.

On January 3, the MoD said that the Tamanskaya motor rifle division of a guards tank army of the Western Military District would receive more than 18 Khrizantema-S SPATGM systems to replace the aging Shturm-S vehicles.

The High-Precision Weapons has also developed the export-oriented variant of the Khrizantema-S SPATGM. The Azerbaijan Armed Forces have demonstrated their Springers during several parades. According to media reports, the Azeri Khrizantema-S SPATGMs were employed during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh in Autumn 2020.

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