BTR-4E amphibious vehicle adapted to equip Ukrainian marines

According to a piece of information published by Novosti on March 15, the command of the Ukrainian Navy plans to unify and adapt samples of weapons and military equipment of the marines to the real needs as much as possible. They so far lack the necessary unification, and the replenishment of equipment took place on a leftover principle, which complicated the performance of combat missions.
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BTR-4E (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This information was made public by the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, during an interview with the correspondents of the Breeze TV studio of the Ministry of Defense. The Ukrainian marines seem to have decided on a single model of amphibious armored vehicle : after the Navy tested the BTR-4, it will be adapted for the Marine Corps.

Relevant tests were indeed carried out in December 2020 with the participation of representatives of the Marine Corps in the presence of developers - specialists from the state enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau. There were certain remarks from the military, which the plant promised to eliminate.

The BTR-4E is the export version of the BTR-4, an 8x8 armored vehicle personnel carrier (APC) designed by the Ukrainian Company Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau. This the latest generation of wheeled armored personnel carriers (APC) manufactured by the Ukrainian defense industry. This is a new development of the 8x8 armored vehicle which is not based on Russian technology of wheeled combat vehicle like the BTR-80 family.

The BTR-4E is designed to be used as a personnel carrier vehicle for infantry units or as a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle with a weapon station to provide fire support. It can be operated under various climatic conditions from a temperature range of -40° to +55°C. In July 2012, Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced the delivery of the first BTR-4E APC for its armed forces. The BTR-4E is already in mass production and is in service with Ukraine, and Iraq. On December 24, 2019, the Ukrainian army took delivery of 12 BTR-4E 8x8 APCs. In May 2020, Kharkiv-based Morozov Design Bureau of Engineering, which is part of the Ukroboronprom group of companies, transferred to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense another batch of five BTR-4E armored personnel carriers. In 2014, Ukraine delivered 10 BTR-4E to Nigeria.

The adapted BTR-4E is outwardly similar to the BTR-4M created in Ukraine for the Indonesian Marine Corps (Marinirs), which were tested in this country in 2016 and 2017. However, after a series of tests, the Indonesian military did not buy the initially planned 50 units of this Ukrainian vehicle, but limited themselves to a test batch of 5 vehicles.