Ukraine army received 100 used Japanese army wheeled and tracked vehicles

As reported by, Japan is gradually joining the countries that supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So far, it has not moved on to transferring combat systems but has already expressed a desire to supply vehicles, website reports. 100 Japanese army off-road vehicles Toyota Kohkidosha (a local variant of AM General’s Humvee), Mitsubishi Type 73 and tracked dump trucks Morooka, as well as 20,000 food rations were given earlier this year.
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Mitsubishi Type 73 Kogata (Picture source: JSDF)

In accordance with the Self-Defense Forces Law, the transfer of vehicles used by the SDF cannot be done directly and without cost. Therefore, a process is followed where the vehicles are first classified as obsolete and no longer in use before they can be donated abroad.

The Mitsubishi Type 73 Kogata, based on the frame of the Mitsubishi Pajero, is a 4x4 utility vehicle produced by Mitsubishi Motors since 1996. It was specifically designed to replace the Type 73 Kyūs that were previously utilized by the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Powered by a diesel engine generating 125 horsepower, this 2-tonne vehicle is capable of exceeding speeds of 100 km/h.

During the deployment of Shin Light Trucks to Iraq as part of the JIRSG (Japan Iraq Reconstruction and Support Group), the vehicles underwent bulletproofing measures. This precaution was taken due to concerns that Iraqi guerrillas might target the vehicles, potentially provoking JSDF troops. It is important to note that the JSDF, in accordance with the restrictions outlined in Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, is not supposed to engage in offensive combat operations.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Toyota Kohkidosha (Picture source: JSDF)

The rubber-tracked Morooka carriers are the outcome of a collaboration spanning over 50 years between Bridgestone and Morooka. These carriers feature a hydrostatic transmission system, allowing for efficient utilization of the engine's full power. Steering maneuvers can be effortlessly executed using a pair of single-hand control levers. The H.S.T. system eliminates the need for clutch and gear controls entirely, resulting in exceptional maneuverability for the Morooka carrier.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Morooka carriers of the Japan Self-Defense Force (Picture source: JSDF)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Morooka's H.S.T. system eliminates the need for clutch and gear controls, resulting in exceptional maneuverability (Picture source: Morooka)

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