Czech army receives first batch of six TITUS 6x6 armored vehicles

In a significant boost to the country's defense capabilities, the Czech army has taken delivery of the first six TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System) wheeled armored vehicles. Tatra Defence Vehicle (TDV), a leading manufacturer based in Koprivnice, is spearheading the production of these armored vehicles for the most challenging conditions.
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Czech army Titus command post armored vehicle displayed at IDET 2023, a defense exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

Following the symbolic key handover at the IDET Defense and Security Technology Fair in Brno that was held in May 2023, TDV's chief, Tomáš Mohapl, announced that the company aims to manufacture five to six such vehicles monthly. The total order from the Czech army, placed in 2019, is for 62 TITUS vehicles costing 6 billion crowns.

These cutting-edge machines are set to replace the outdated and unprotected Praga V3S command and staff trucks currently in use, marking a generational leap in command, staff, and communication vehicles' evolution.

Despite some delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, TDV is now fully operational, with over 20 armored vehicles at various stages of production. The Czech army is expected to receive all 62 ordered vehicles within the next two years.

TITUS represents a significant milestone as the first vehicle of its kind developed and produced domestically after many years. The last one was the Czechoslovak transporter OT-64 SKOT, half a century ago. The armored vehicle is the result of a collaboration between TDV, part of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG), Tatra Trucks, and French manufacturer Nexter Systems, indicating the robust growth of the Czech defense manufacturing industry.

The TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System) is an innovative multirole armored vehicle created by the French company Nexter Systems. Recognized for its adaptability, the TITUS is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of operational needs.

At its core, the TITUS is crafted with a modular architecture that seamlessly merges commercial components with military capabilities. This unique design allows for a superior level of protection against various threats, all while offering ample room for customization based on specific mission requirements.

The TITUS further stands out with its enhanced mobility features. It is built on a Tatra 6x6 chassis, a feature renowned for its ability to handle difficult terrains with ease. This ensures that the vehicle remains agile and effective regardless of the environment it is deployed in.

As for its protection capabilities, the TITUS offers robust shielding against a variety of threats. It's designed to withstand ballistic attacks, mines, and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), providing enhanced security for its occupants during missions.