Sweden to provide Ukraine with AG 90 anti-materiel sniper rifles and AT4 anti-tank weapons

According to a statement published by the Swedish Ministry of Defense on June 2, 2022, Sweden has adopted a new amendment to provide Ukraine with financial support and equipment in response to Russia’s invasion. Sweden will provide Ukraine with AG 90 anti-materiel sniper rifles and ammunition, and an additional 5,000 Swedish AT4 recoilless anti-tank weapons.
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Swedish army AG 90 12.7mm anti-materiel sniper rifle. (Picture source Facebook account)

As a result of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has requested support that includes additional defense material. The Swedish Armed Forces are able to manage without certain defense materials for a limited period of time. The Government proposes that Sweden donate additional defense material to Ukraine in the form of the RBS 17 anti-ship missile system, AG 90 anti-materiel sniper rifles and ammunition, and an additional 5 000 Swedish AT4 recoilless anti-tank weapons. Sweden also intends to contribute SEK 60 million to the fund set up by NATO intended to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

Earlier this spring, Sweden donated around €48 million to the National Bank of Ukraine’s special fundraising account to support the country’s armed forces. The Government now proposes that Sweden make an additional financial contribution of €55 million to the fund. This support will help strengthen Ukraine’s ability to fight Russia’s aggression at a critical time.

Sweden has provided support to Ukrainian civil society through action via the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and the UN. The Government also proposes including an additional €10 million in this support.

In terms of weapons, since the beginning of the war, Sweden has already delivered 10,000 AT4 anti-tank weapons. The AT4 is a series of 84 mm unguided rocket, man-portable, single-shot, disposable, recoilless smoothbore anti-tank weapons manufactured by the Swedish company Saab Bofors Dynamics.

The AT4 can be operated by a single soldier and depending on the rocket model, it has a firing from 200 to 600 m and can penetrate armor up to 460 mm.

The AG 90 is the Swedish designation of the American Barrett M82 12.7mm anti-materiel sniper rifle. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires the 12.7x99mm NATO round using a 10-round magazine. The maximum effective range is around 1.8 km.