Escribano to produce 30mm turret of Spanish Army VCR 8x8 Dragon

After the analysis carried out in the Spanish Ministry of Defense of the proposal made by Tess Defense SA regarding the selection process of the 30mm remotely controlled turret for the 8X8 VCR Dragon, the offer of the 'Guardian 30' turret has been accepted by the company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering SL ", explains the Spanish Minister of Defense, echoed by B. Carrasco in InfoDefensa.
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8x8 VCR Dragon fitted with Escribano Mechanical and Engineering’s Guardian 30 turret (Picture source: Spanish MoD)

Escribano's proposal has been preferred on the offers presented by Pap Tecnos, Rafael's subsidiary in Spain, and by the alliance formed by Elbit, Navantia and Expal.

Escribano Mechanical and Engineering’s new Remote Weapon System (RWS) development Guardian 30, specially designed for the new current Spanish Army project VCR 8x8 Dragon combat vehicle, had successfully completed its first real shooting test last February. The 2-axes gyro-stabilized RWS mounted on a VCR Piranha vehicle made static and moving tests. It is ready to take part in the Defense market.

Escribano’s advanced manufacturing capability has allowed Guardian 30 to be a really lightweight station when compared with its competitors. Highly customizable because of its modular architecture, the Guardian 30 design makes maintenance easier and increases its reliability.

Escribano’s land system Guardian 30 incorporates, as the main gun, an ATK Orbital MK.44S. This well-tested 30 mm gun can also be adapted to 40mm (currently integrated on the naval RWS Sentinel 30, in service in the BAP Pisco of the Peruvian Army, and which will soon be present in the Spanish “Seviola” ships).

It counts with the latest technology in ballistic calculation achieving a long-range shooting accuracy. The shooting system is assisted by two next-gen electro-optical systems based in the well-known OTEOS electro-optical system technology developed by Escribano. This system is widely used by armies and state security units around the world for surveillance and military operations.

The most advanced sensors and cameras allow Guardian 30 to operate in all-weather conditions, whether day or night, increasing its capabilities for detection, reconnaissance, surveillance, and accuracy. This electro-optical system is also suitable for hunter-killer-type missions.RWS Guardian 30 counts with embedded simulation for best and fast gunner training.

Guardian 30 has exceeded expectations worldwide since its announcement. Several customers, especially from the MENA region where EM&E maintains an excellent strategic position, have shown their interest in acquiring this RWS, which is suitable for a vast range of platforms and configurations.