Saudi General Directorate of Border Guard and Military Industries Corporation to manufacture armored vehicles

According to Arab News, an agreement to locally manufacture armored military vehicles has been signed between the Saudi General Directorate of Border Guard and the Military Industries Corporation (MIC).
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Al Dahna armored vehicle (Picture source: Armored Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Factory)

GAMI Gov. Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Ohali said local manufacturing of the new vehicles, known as Al Dahna, was part of GAMI’s strategy to achieve national priorities, develop legislation on the establishment of military manufacturing contracts, and support and empower local manufacturers.

Head of MIC, Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Mady expressed his pride at MIC’s capabilities and the national cadres which were qualified according to the latest international manufacturing technologies: “The Dahna vehicle has undergone all the standard motor tests according to international classifications. It is a multi-tasking, four-wheel-drive vehicle compatible with all conditions and specifications of military use”.

Director general of the Border Guards, Lt. Gen. Awad bin Eid Al-Balawi said: “This project will play a major role in the development of the matrix of armored vehicles for the border guards. It will provide training for operators, technicians, and trainers in line with the requirements of the next phase in accordance with the highest standards.