Norway donates additional artillery ammunition to Ukraine

The Norwegian government announced on January 5 that it has delivered another 10,000 155mm shells to Ukraine. The artillery shells can be used in several types of artillery, including the M109 Norway donated in 2022.
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Norway has delivered another 10,000 artillery shells to Ukraine (Picture source: Norwegian Armed Forces)

The artillery shells are delivered from the Norwegian Armed forces’ own stock, taking into account the implications for national preparedness. "It is critical for Europe's and Norway's security that Ukraine succeeds in repelling Russia's unfounded attack. To do this, Ukraine needs the international support of military equipment and training. Norway has made substantial contributions throughout 2022, and will continue to support Ukraine in 2023 and as long as it takes", says the Norwegian Minister of Defence, Bjørn Arild Gram.

"Ukraine needs continuous military equipment supply to fight the Russian aggressor, and we will look even deeper at what we can donate directly from the Armed Forces or through acquisitions from the defense industry, as well as through combinations of the two sources", Gram added.

Norwegian donation of military equipment to Ukraine: estimated value : 990 million kroner. Allocated to military support to Ukraine in 2023: 1 billion kroner. Approximately 700 million kroner of this 1 billion will cover additional donations of military equipment that have taken place in 2022.