IAI from Israel unveils Point Blank ROC-X first hand-launched loitering munition in the world

The Israeli Defense Company IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) unveils the Point Blank or ROC-X, the first hand-launched electro-optical VTOL (Vertical Takeoff & Landing) missile able to engage both stationary and moving targets. It is the first hand-held loitering munition in the world.
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The Point Blank is the first hand-launched loitering munition in the world. (Picture source Screen Shot Video)

Citing information released by IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), the United States Department of Defense (DoD) awarded IAI to develop a variant of Point Blank loitering munition. The first prototype for the U.S. DoD named ROC-X will be delivered in the coming fiscal year.

This is the first loitering munition that can be launched, operated, and recovered by a single soldier. The design is also very unique consisting of a fuselage length of 1m and an X-shaped wing with a wingspan of 0.8m. It uses unique ducted propeller propulsion and flight control with no moving parts. The Point Blank is also quiet, highly maneuverable, and stealthy.

The Point Blank is equipped with an electro-optical system used to validate and collect surveillance information in real-time, as well as a warhead in order to destroy a target.

Point Blank allows a range of targets to be struck in real time with high lethality, with exceptional electro-optical capabilities to help define and attack them with high precision. In case

The Point Blank has a weight of only 6.8 kg and a warhead of 2 kg. It can fly at an altitude of 460 m with a maximum speed of 268 km/h and a maximum range of 10 km. It has a CEP (Circular Error Probability) of less than 1 meter.