Canadian Senator 4x4 armored vehicles are now used by Ukrainian border guards

According to information published on December 30, 2022, by Suspilne, a Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, the Senator 4x4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) vehicles designed and manufactured by the Canadian company Roshel are now in service with the Ukrainian Border Guard units.
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The Canadian-made Senator APC Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles are now in service with the Ukrainian Border Guards. (Picture source Ukrainian Media Suspilne)

In April 2022, the Canadian Government has announced a new aid of $500 million to provide military equipment and armored vehicles to Ukraine, including LAV 8x8 and Roshel Senator APC 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier vehicles.

Citing open source information, in terms of combat vehicles, currently, Canada will have already delivered to Ukraine 39 Armored Combat Support Vehicles (ACSVs) and 8 Roshel Senator 4x4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) vehicles.

Citing the first impression of the Ukrainian Border Guards, the Roshel Senator offers a high level of maneuverability and comfort for the driver. The internal volume of the vehicle offers enough space to carry 8 military personnel in full combat gear.

The Roshel Senator is a 4x4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) that was unveiled in October 2018 during the AUSA Defense Exhibition in Washington D.C. The Roshel Senator is fitted with MIL-spec certified ballistic steel and .50 caliber-rated bullet-resistant glasses capable of withstanding multiple hits, one-piece blast-resistant floor, gun ports, escape hatches equipped with a mounted turret system as well as mission-specific equipment and modifications. The vehicle comes in various layouts and door configurations (2-door, 4-door, hydraulic ramp), depending on the mission.

The Senator is powered by a 6.7L V8 Diesel engine developing 330 hp at 2,600 rpm coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission. In APC configuration, the vehicle can accommodate up to 12 military personnel including a driver and commander.

Canadian Senator 4x4 armored vehicles are now used by Ukrainian border guards 925 002
Inside view of the Canadian-made Roshel Senator 4x4 APC Armored Personnel Carrier vehicle. (Picture source Ukrainian Media Suspilne)