China donates military equipment to the Philippine armed forces

According to information published by the Philippine Department of National Defense on January 21, 2022, China has donated $21 million of military equipment to the Philippine armed forces.
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China donates military equipment to Philipppine armedd forces. (Picture source Philippine DoD)

The first batch of Chinese military equipment worth $1.5 million arrived in Manila on 16 January 2022. The second batch of military equipment worth $1 million will be delivered at a later date.

The donation comprises various military equipment such as rescue and relief equipment, drone systems, detectors, water purification vehicles, ambulances, firetrucks, Xray machines, EOD robots, bomb disposal suits and transport vehicles; and engineering equipment such as backhoes, dumptrucks, forklifts, and earthmovers.

This is not the first time that China has provided military equipment to the Philippines, indeed, in October 2017, the Philippine defense department had received military equipment that China donated to help the Philippines in the fight against terrorism.

The donation, which included rifles, ammunition and sniper scopes, was the second batch of armaments that China handed over to the Philippine government during the year 2017. In accepting China's arms donation, Philippine defense and military authorities lauded China's contribution to maintaining peace and fighting terrorist groups in the Philippines.

The continued support of China to the Philippines shows a new strengthens in the political relations between the two countries. This new donation paves for a broader and stronger Sino-Philippine security cooperation in the future.