British government confirms the delivery of NLAW anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

According to a Tweet published by the British Royal Air Force on January 24, 2022, the United Kingdom is providing Ukraine with a new security assistance package to increase its defensive capabilities. C-17 military transport aircraft of the British Royal Air Force have delivered NLAW light anti-armor defensive weapon systems to the Ukrainian Defense Forces, as part of the wider British Government response.
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British Government delivered NLAW anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. (Picture source Screenshot video published on the Twitter account of the British Royal air Force)

On January 17, 2022, the British Ministry of Defense published a statement to announce the support of the British government to Ukraine after the deployment of Russian troops equipped with tanks, armored fighting vehicles, rocket artillery, and short-range ballistic missiles near the border of Ukraine.

Citing the British Ministry of Defense, we, and our Allies, have legitimate and real cause for concern that the configuration and scale of the force being assembled, supported by Russian air and maritime long-range strike capabilities stationed in the region, could be used for the purpose of conducting a multi-axis invasion of Ukraine.

British Government took the decision to supply Ukraine with light, anti-armor, defensive weapon systems. A small number of UK personnel will also provide early-stage training for a short period of time, within the framework of Operation ORBITAL, before then returning to the United Kingdom.

According to the video published on the Twitter account of the British Ministry of Defense, we can confirm that the anti-armor weapons sent to Ukraine are NLAWs.

The NLAW is a man-portable anti-tank weapon manufactured by the Swedish company SAAB. Weighing just 12.5 kilograms, NLAW is a portable, shoulder-launched system that can be used by a single operator. Its armor-piercing warhead can destroy a heavily protected modern battle tank with one shot, and the system is effective at ranges between 20 and 800 meters.

British government confirms the delivery of NLAW anti tank weapons to Ukraine 925 002
British soldier armed with the NLAW Anti Armour system taking part in Exercise Racing Snake. (Picture source British MoD)